Want an Aston Martin? Okay, how about 10 then?

Aston Martin One-77

Some folks clearly have way too much cash.

Always a fan of Aston Martin, and rather partial to some day owning one (ja right. Right after I buy a Gulfstream and an island), I nearly choked on my broke-ass working-class Bovril sarmie when I heard that some clown bought not one, but TEN, limited edition Aston Martin One-77 supercars.

Now we’re not just chatting about any old run of the mill Aston Martin either (is there such a thing?), as mentioned, this is the One-77 supercar – the whole “One-77″ bit means that only 77 are being made.

As griped by TopSpeed:

OK, now this is totally unfair. The Aston Martin One-77 is limited to only 77 units, but when only one customer gets 10 of them, it makes it impossible to have a chance to buy one. Not that we had that chance. Of course the buyer is from Middle East (where else!) and apparently he bought the cars for “The Family.”

When the customer made his demand (10 cars delivered by September), you can imagine that the guys from Aston Martin said this might be impossible. But a cheque of $23,000,000 made it more than possible (as a refresher an One-77 costs $1,4 million).

Oh, and apparently there’s more. There is another guy who asked for two One-77: one to drive and one to hang on the wall as a piece of art.

Firstly, he wrote a cheque for $23mil. WHO writes a cheque for $23mil? Do you? Didn’t think so. (And if you do, can I have one?)

Secondly, did you catch that bit about the other tonsil who plans to HANG THE CAR ON THE WALL AS A PIECE OF ART?

What, a van Gogh not good enough for your bog wall? FHM ran out of Jessica Biel posters? IT’S A SUPERCAR!!!! Not some piece of crap print of a frikkin iceberg or some lame-ass calendar with pictures of puppies!

You know what buddy? F@ck you AND your crappy wall. I hope it falls down and squashes your hydrangeas.

And I’m not alone in being just a teensy-weensy bit jealous – BornRich also recently had a post on the sale. Check out how he tries to be all formal and “Yes well, bravo to him. We wish him and his 10 supercars well and and and…”, but you just KNOW that deep down inside he is so green with envy that it is slowly killing him:

In the normal world of ours, we can only dream of owning “a” supercar, however, to dream of owning 10 supercars, either you’ve got to be a lazy bum with a lot of lazybones or you are someone with a lot of oil wells in the backyard. Of course, the second one sounds better and according to a report, a Middle Eastern buyer has decided to purchase 10 limited edition Aston Martin One-77 supercar for his family. At the 1.7 million price tag, One-77 supercar is limited to just 77 units of these exotic beasts, but owning 10 would mean $23 million. The One-77 is made using a carbon fiber monocoque to keep the weight at an absolute minimum – just 3,300 lbs — and the road-burning power comes from a 7.3-liter V12 making 750-hp with a top speed at 220 mph. So, if you haven’t seen money doing the talks before, I think you just did.

Now there are only 67, thanks to this guy. That’s just greedy, and generally terrible form. What will I buy now if none are available anymore?

Coz that’s what’s stopping me from owning one.

I swear.

Because Frik von F@ckknuckle decided to hang one on his goddamn wall.


Wanna know what all the fuss is about? Here are some pics of one kick-ass wall-hanging:

Click the first image to enlarge the photo and start the gallery

Plenty more pics and wallpapers of this super-chorrie at TopSpeed.

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Want an Aston Martin? Okay, how about 10 then?

$8million worth of car – Maybach Exelero…

Ever wondered just how much car you can get for $8million?

You have? Well okay then. In that case, here’s one: The Maybach Exelero.

Maybach Exelero

Here’s a snippet from the site where I first read about this: ($8million worth of car, and apparently we’re supposed to give a hoot about the tyres…)

The engineers at Exelero have built a truly amazing supercar. The Maybach Exelero is a one-of-a kind, hand-built, 700 horsepower monster.

The Exelero was originally commissioned by the Fulga Tire Company who wanted to build a car of vast size and capability to prove they could make extra large low profile tyres that could carry 6000 lbs and go 200 mph.

The final cost: 8 million dollars. No other sports car in the world has tyres this large.

What kind of vast size are we talking about? This car is 19 feet long, has 23 inch wheels and a gas mileage of 2.5 mpg at full throttle.

However, the worldwide reaction to the car has been so strong that Mercedes execs admitted they are considering a Maybach two-seater, although officially “there are no immediate plans”.

Here are some of the specs (from Wikipedia):

  • Length : 5.89 m (19.3 ft)
  • Width : 2.148 m (7.02 ft)
  • Weight : 2660 kg (5864 lb)
  • Engine : Bi-Turbo V12 from Maybach 57 S 700 hp (SAE) (522 kW), 1020 N·m (737 ft·lbf)
  • Top speed : 351 km/h (218 mph)
  • 0-62 mph : 4.4 seconds
  • Tyres : 315/25 ZR 23 Fulda Exelero
  • Fuel used for top speed test: 110 octane
  • Cost: Approx. $8,000,000 (USD)

Take a look at this behemoth:

Click the first image to enlarge the photo and start gallery.

Not too shabby. I’ll take four of them, thank you very much.

Head over to the original post to see a few short clips of this monster-mobile cruising around.

Who wants to buy me one?

Although… apparently I’m a bit slow – rumour has it this car was built in 2005. Only took me 5 years to find out about it…

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$8million worth of car – Maybach Exelero…

Cool photo galleries…

There are so many cool photo galleries scattered around the web that I figured I’d show you lot a couple that I happened to stumble across today.

Each link heads to the relevant original post at the respective site.

Lake House

Breathtaking Photos Of Random Landscapes On The Earth – Zuzu Top

Fake Clouds Photo

If You Think These Are Natural Landscapes You Are Wrong – TutzTutz.com

Rock pillars

Breathtaking Pillar-Like Rocks in Zhangjiajie National Park – Zuzu Top

Abandoned Mental Asylum

10 Most Incredible Abandoned Mental Asylums – Environmental Graffiti

Paul Smith Miniatures

The Miniature World of Michael Paul Smith – Oddity Central


Maldives – Most breathtaking pictures that you’ve ever seen – Fizzy Energy

El Camino del Rey

El Camino del Rey: the 2nd scariest trail in the world – theCHIVE

Pretty cool huh?

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Cool photo galleries…

Who wants their very own Yuneec E430 electric aircraft?

Yuneec E430
Yuneec E430

Ever wanted your very own plane?

Yeah, me too.

A recent Robb Report article states that:

Yuneec International, a British company working in China, has introduced the E430, the prototype of an electric aircraft that it plans to mass-produce for the global market.

The appeal of the little two-seat airplane is not only its economy–fuel costs about $2 per hour–but its ease of use. Just plug it in to recharge.

There is never a need to deal with messy gasoline or oil, and maintenance is vastly simpler than for a piston aircraft. In flight, the Yuneec is smooth, quiet, and emissions-free. Extra-long wings provide plenty of lift for flights lasting up to two and a half hours between charges.

Deliveries are expected to start in 2011, with a price of about $89,000. www.yuneec.com.

I want one! That should just about take care of my much-complained-about traffic woes. Additionally, I’ll no longer bore you with constant updates of just how long it took me to get to the office this morning. Which I am fully aware is a vital part of your day, but trust me, you’ll be fine. No no, I swear – it’ll take a while to get used to, but you need to be strong – your life MUST go on.

Yuneec E430
Yuneec E430

Here’s a clip about the little plane in action:

I would pay some SERIOUS cash just to see my boss’s expression when I clunk this thing down in the office driveway.

All together now:



Who wants their very own Yuneec E430 electric aircraft?

Cape Town the top spot to live…

Cape Town Rocky Outcrop - View Point
Not too shabby a view!

An article published on IOL Property yesterday claims that the finest place to live in South Africa is… Cape Town – something that has been claimed for years by every one of the 3,5 million Capetonians, and balked at by all 3,25 million Joburgers.

Take a look at a snippet of the article:

If status is important to you and money is no object, then the finest possible place to live is Cape Town – Steenberg golf estate, to be precise.

Steenberg, along with beach paradise Clifton, topped the list of South Africa’s best suburbs compiled by property data services provider Lightstone, which took the average predicted value of properties per suburb and were able to provide the top suburbs in the Western Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal as well as a national list.

The results show that Cape Town and the Western Cape have a whopping 10 spots in the top 20 national list.

Gauteng is next with five spots, while KZN features once on the list.

In Gauteng, the best suburbs include Johannesburg’s Westcliff, Dunkeld, Inanda, Atholl and Hyde Park. In KZN it is Zimbali, Everton, Herrwood Park, Umhlanga Rocks and Simbithi.

In the Cape and the Western Cape it is Steenberg, Clifton, Pezula golf estate, Knysna, Llandudno and Bishopscourt. Original Article here.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of going to Cape Town, take a look at the following gallery of photos to see what all the fuss is about.

Click the first image to enlarge the photo and start the gallery.

Pretty darn awesome, huh?

P.S. Please be advised that Cape Town drivers are excluded from the whole “awesome” bit.

Images 1-10 sourced from Capetown.gov.za, Image of rocky outcrop from LAL Group, 2nd V&A Waterfront Image from National Geographic Traveller

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Cape Town the top spot to live…

Wimpy menu from 1983…

Fast Food. Quick, nutritious, cheap.

Ummm… not so much.

Let’s try again:

Quick – Meh. Sometimes yes, sometimes not so much. Depends where you go, and when, I suppose. Ever tried buying KFC on a Friday evening? You haven’t? Okay then: how about those of you who aren’t out having a life? It’s insane – queues out the door.

Nutritious – Riiiiiiiight. If you buy that, you clearly haven’t watched Supersize Me, a doccie made a few years back about a guy, Morgan Spurlock, who ate nothing but McDonalds for an entire month. As you can imagine, the results were not pretty. Rent it – trust me on this one. You’ll be chomping a  fresh salad within minutes.

Cheap – while the occasional artery-clogger probably won’t break the bank, take a look at this scan of a Wimpy menu, with prices, from 1983:

Click the image for a larger version in a new window/tab

Wimpy Menu from 1983
Wimpy Menu from 1983

Yes yes, I know – inflation and economy and and and don’t care. I just wanted an opportunity to post this scanned menu, coz it’s old and cool and reminds of when I was a little ‘un and still experimenting with blue bubblegum milkshakes.

Now go to the gym Chubby McChubbs Chubb.

Thanks to Michelle for the menu scan.

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Wimpy menu from 1983…